IT/Tech Employers

If you would like to discuss a current or future recruitment need for your business, please contact us now. In choosing Vertex IT recruitment, you are investing in us as individuals to find you the people who will help you succeed in achieving your business objectives and we take this responsibility very seriously indeed.

We specialise in permanent assignments as well as providing contract resources in line with the needs of your business.

Why choose Vertex IT as your trusted recruitment partner?

What we offer: Competitive fees, a proven track record in delivering results, a tailored service to suit the needs of your business and most importantly, over 20 years’ industry experience and knowhow.

We offer:

Executive Search and selection/ Retained search

When clients need speed and accuracy on hiring critical talent, they require a sophisticated recruitment partner with deep networks to call upon. Clients need a level of recruitment expertise high enough to secure the hardest to find candidates. This need requires a very robust approach to recruiting the very best people.

Contingency Recruitment

This is simply No Win, No Fee (or even No Cure, No Pay). We will take payment on the day the candidate starts with an agreed rebate period. This is the preferred model for employers, which is very effective with the right consultant.

Contract Recruitment

Employers often need great flexibility when hiring talent. Whether the need to is to cover long-term absence or to work on specific projects with and end date. We as an expert in our field provide the talent you need immediately. These people will be qualified and ready to go. All finances and employment procedures are taken care of by us. All you need to do is put them to work within your business.


When employers have an on-going need to hire people within the business. Instead of working in a transactional way with a recruitment partner, we offer a longer-term method. We provide full time recruiters either onsite or remotely to operate as if they are within your own business. They will help to attract and on board the talent you need, often of a volume basis. When the hiring is complete, we then take the resource out.


As an individual, if you enter directly into a contract with an employer, you will receive a salary that would be subject to Income Tax of up to
45% and National Insurance Contributions of up to 12%. If a limited company enters into the same contract then these tax rules are different. The limited company will make a profit on which it will pay business tax, which is currently 19% but most importantly, it will not be subject to National Insurance Contributions at all. A limited company will not be viewed as receiving a salary.

IR35 is aimed at preventing every employee from setting up their own limited company in order to avoid National Insurance and the potentially higher levels of tax. Determining whether IR35 applies to your contract is a complex matter. There are three key principles that will determine your IR35 status:

  • Supervision, Direction, and Control: What degree of supervision, direction and control does your client have over what, how, when and where you complete your contract and day to day work?
  • Substitution: Are you required to carry out the work yourself, or you can you send someone in your place?
  • Mutuality of obligation: Is your client obliged to offer you work, and are you obliged to accept it?

If certain conditions are met under IR35 (Inside IR35), then the earnings of the company are considered to be a ‘salary’ on which Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions are payable. To be ‘outside IR35’ means that you are operating as a genuine business, and therefore operating outside of the IR35 rules. If you are operating ‘outside IR35’, you are able to pay yourself a salary, draw the remainder of income as dividends, and remain responsible for your taxes as usual.

Unsure about IR35? Contact us by phone or email and our team will be happy to advise.